whatz up? today I don’t feel like a fat fat fat pig. that’s great.  but I’m really tired and stressed because of school. tomorrow I will write an exam in biology and  there is so much stuff I have to learn but I can’t do this anymore.. it’s just too exhausting.   I just want to sleep.. forever 💋💋💋 or up to the summer holidays. 

feel again like a fat fat fat pig hahahah but that’s okay because I ate  much and it was delicious! so fuck allllll of you if you laugh about chubby people. there are  so much more  important things  than a perfect body. maybe most of the people should try to do something for their character or brain.  rip

Wie soll ich mein Herz an jemanden verschenken wenn es immernoch dir gehört?

Guys here I am and I must tell you that the whole week was so  great - the wheather was  often really good, every day I spend my time with people I like and love and I had such  a awesome time.  I really didn’t do anything this week. I was so fucking lazy it should be forbidden. But that was  really good for me because I needed a break  from all.  You know I’m very often stressed..  and I know the next week it will be the same because we students have so much to do for school. We must learn for all the exams and tests and and and.. could puke!   But well okay.. I hope i survive until the next week. ;D  Oh and don’t forget: Today is day for all the great mothers!  I gave my cute mommy some presents and make for her brunch  and all the stuff.   And I ate the whole day cake..  only cake! nothing else!  I am a fat fat fat pig hahaha


i wonder how many white girls drop their iphones while taking pictures of their legs in bathtub water

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